The efficient operation and administration of a corporate transport system or commercial transport business is dependent upon many factors all of which must be integrated effectively by management with the aid of logical but simple systems. The primary objective of such a system being to reduce day-to-day operating expenses, increase vehicle utilization and lengthen the vehicles™ life span. This course provides proven best practices that can be used to help run fleet operation efficiently and profitable. The course is suitable for intermediate and senior managers working within corporate transport and haulage business environment.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Understand organization and responsibility for fleet operation
• Understand ways of ensuring efficient vehicle utilization
• Understand the techniques of vehicle costs analysis
• Understand the principles of journey planning and product delivery procedures
• Understand the maintenance planning and workshop practices
• Apply best practice standards to driver and vehicle performance


Challenges of Fleet Management:
• Nature of fleet operation
• Operating objectives
• Management responsibility
• Role of drivers and supervisors

Fleet Maintenance Practices:
• Vehicle maintenance scheduling
• Driver Reports of Vehicle faults
• Inspection Reports
• Workshop Organization
• Maintaining high standards of road worthiness

Essential Optimum Vehicle Utilization & KPIs:
• Routing & Scheduling
• Vehicle utilization audit
• Vehicle fill
• Empty Running & return loads
• Time utilization

Critical Issues in Fleet Operation:
• Legal implications of vehicle operation
• Traffic delays and associated costs
• Accidents costs and its implications
• Quality management in fleet operation

Fleet Operation & Customer Training Service:
• Nature of transport product
• Packaging freight services
• Packaging passenger services
• Customer value delivery as strategic tool

Managing Fuel for Value:
• Critical nature of fuel
• Why fuel efficiency is critical
• Wastes and inefficiencies in fuel usage and vehicle utilization
• Fuel purchasing, storage and management

Fleet Records & Information System:
• Developing fuel database
• Importance of good records keeping
• Nature and types of fleet records
• Fleet information as decision tools

Route Planning & Journey Management:
• Understanding the road networks
• Journey planning and time management for Fleet Operators


Lectures and Discussions
Case studies/Practical Exercises
Practical Assessment and Evaluation
Video Clip

FEE: N94,000 (incl 5% VAT)
FOR WHOM: Transport /Logistics Managers, Workshop Fleet Procurement Managers, Fleet Engineers and other Officers who have direct responsibility for operation.

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