For Fleet Owners and Operators to achieve operational efficiency that delivers value to customers require understanding of basic fundamentals of fleet management. The nature and complexity of fleet operation and the necessity for effective organization to achieve efficient vehicle utilization, good driver control and management as well as energy and human resources optimization is usually a challenge for non-Fleet Management Professionals. This course is therefore designed to enhance the managerial skills of Fleet Managers who want to develop competencies in fleet administration.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• The basic fundamentals and challenges of fleet operation
• The techniques of efficient fleet operation
• The management skill for fleet efficiency and cost-effectiveness
• Basic skills in vehicle/ driver management and fleet maintenance services


Fundamentals of Fleet Management:
• Fleet Management: An essential service function
• Fleet organization, administration and maintenance practices
• Function and operating objectives of fleet operation
• The roles of fleet managers and responsibilities
• Analysis of company transport requirements
• Vehicle specifications and acquisition option

Managing Fleet Operations:
• Challenges of fleet operation
• Passenger vs freight fleet operation
• Techniques of efficient fleet operation
• Efficient management of costs & resources
• Fleet costs optimization
• Driver control & management
• Vehicle utilization & productivity
• Setting Key Performance Standards
• Legal implications of fleet management

Critical Issues in Fleet Operation :
• Vehicle delay, downtime and its associated costs
• Safety and road traffic accidents and its associated costs

Essential Skills for Efficient Fleet Management:
• People skills for driver control management
• Organization management skills for workshop personnel
• Preventive maintenance skills
• Maintaining high standards of vehicle maintenance

Fleet Records & Information System:
• Developing fleet database
• Importance of good records keeping
• Nature and types of fleet records
• Fleet information as decision tools


Lectures and Discussions
Case studies/Practical Exercises
Practical Assessment and Evaluation
Video Clip

FEE: N94,000 (incl 5% VAT)
FOR WHOM: Transport /Logistics Managers, Workshop Fleet Procurement Managers, Fleet Engineers and other Officers who have direct responsibility for operation.

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